Evaluation in English? No Problem

To answer a frequently asked question right from the start: Yes, we implement projects for the assessment of psychosocial workload (projects for the evaluation of psychological stress in the workplace) for our customers also in English. 

Our occupational psychologists have many years of experience with international teams and flexible forms of work. All of our experts conduct project and focus groups as well as interviews to assess psychological workloads in English too.

In today’s globalized world, it is becoming increasingly normal for employees to (be allowed to) work flexibly in terms of location and time. Thanks to digital communication channels, it no longer matters whether team members work in the same office building or are scattered around the world in different locations. In order to be able to take such often internationally staffed teams into account in evaluation projects – after all, this is a legal requirement – the Institute for the Evaluation of Mental Stress in the Workplace (IEPB) has developed its own procedures in years of scientific research work. These methods for determining mental workloads (such as the ISO 10075-compliant screening procedure VISO and VISO-Groups, the first scientifically validated online group interview procedure), which have been agreed with the Austrian Federal Labour Inspectorate, make it possible to assess workplace conditions online and thus to carry out evaluation projects on-site or even off-site in accordance with legal requirements.

The working language in international teams is hardly ever German; colleagues usually speak English among themselves, also because the native language(s) of the team members can be very heterogeneous. 

As occupational psychologists, we have to take this into account, because we can usually only assess potential psychological stress if employees understand the questions asked and can answer them accordingly. This applies not only to questionnaires, but also to structured interviews. If the employees do not speak German – or not well enough – the project language of the evaluation project must be adapted and the occupational psychologists must speak English.

We have been doing this in our daily work for years and therefore also count renowned international companies and organizations among our satisfied customers. Are you also interested in an evaluation project in English? Contact us!

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